GMES Africa training session : Earth Observation for Sustainable Land and Water

GMES Africa training session : Earth Observation for Sustainable Land and Water

Training support
Year : 2020
Topic : Water budget monitoring
This second remote training aims to achieve three (03) main objectives:

  • Reinforce knowledge on the concepts dealing with irrigated agricultural water management and its use efficiency, including estimation of evapotranspiration, analysis of water balance with the support of remote sensing.
  • Strengthen capacities on the estimation of water abstraction for irrigation, based on the fusion of data from multiple sources (EO, climate, in situ and field-based data, etc.).
  • Presentation and promotion of satellite driven geoportal, services and solutions for mapping/modelling crops irrigation needs.
    Targeted audience: about 30 experts in EO for agriculture water irrigation from national and regional OSS consortium partners and guest persons from others institutions or consortia.

Document and working tools : the tele-training is held in English and French via Zoom video-conference platform and interpretation services (Eng. to Fr. & Fr. to Eng.). A workshop-kit, comprising a set of documents and working tools, is handed over to participants before the start of the workshop. The training materials are available and accessible for free on the GMES&Africa digital E-training platform.

The expected results are as follows:

  • The principles, multi-satellite driven approaches and methodologies of agriculture water management are presented and explained to the participants.
  • The process of using EO products to provide geoinformation and statistics on crop water need and crops water productivity are performed by the participants.
  • Participants will understand how to use FAO’s WaPOR database
  • Participants will be able to conduct productivity assessments on an irrigated area using water
  • productivity performance indicators and open sources datasets.
    Program and sessions

The second remote trainings will consist of three (03) main sessions:

  • Session 1 – EO driven an operational management of agriculture water – Examples of successful implemented Services.
  • Session 2 – Hands on exercises on satellite & FAO’s WaPOR based Evapotranspiration estimation for irrigation issue
  • Session 3 – Using open EO solution to conduct agriculture water accounting and productivity.