Training for Academics

Training name Training type Year Topic File
Land surface interactions with the atmosphere over the Iberian semi arid environment. Training Support 2020 conference about Technologies in Agriculture
COIAANPV Training Support 2021 Remote sensing applied for decision-making in precision irrigation
Summer School: remote sensing observation for the monitoring of water and carbon cycles over eco-agro-systems Training Support 2021 The use of remote sensing observations for the monitoring of eco- and agro-systems.
ENIT Engineering students in Kamech (OMERE) Training Support 2022 Training on piezometric measurements

Trainings / reports for Stakeholders (WP5)

Training name Training type Year Topic File
GMES Africa training session : Earth Observation for Sustainable Land and Water Training Support 2020 Water budget monitoring
Geophysical training: TDEM method Training Support 2020 Geophysics
Remote sensing applications for the improvement of Irrigation Water Management Training Support 2021 This was a presentation about technologies focused to the agricultural sector made in the Lleida’s fair
Event about remote sensing in agriculture, Spain Training Support 2021 remote sensing in agriculture